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In 1990, Jorge Vieira arrived in Canada from Portugal at the tender age of 21. A suitcase in his hands, a few dollars in his pocket and an incredible skill and talent of carpentry mastered in his homeland. In Portugal, Jorge worked side by side with his father, Francisco, building homes in the city of Porto where Jorge grew up.

Here in Canada he began working in the carpentry trade almost immediately. Many big companies that are always in search of such skill and talent quickly recognized his skill. Jorge believes that just as important as skill and talent is the passion and work ethic directed at each project in order for it to become a success.

In 1995, just 5 short years since coming to Canada, Jorge Vieira and his family made the next crucial step in following their dream. Mr. Vieira agreed to enter into a business partnership.

His new business specialized in all kinds of woodworking such as servicing homes, new condominium buildings, plazas and industrial commercial projects. The business grew in leaps and bounds and Jorge learned the in’s and out’s of the business world and the importance of building relationships of integrity along the way.

A true leader like his Father, Francisco back in Portugal, Jorge Vieira decided to branch out on his own following in his father’s footsteps. His main focus and vision was to build Luxury homes as he did initially under the employ of other existing luxury home builders. Hence 2007 marks the birth of Vieira Fine Homes in Toronto, Ontario.

In Portugal, Francisco buys land to develop and build fine luxury homes. Francisco has earned a great reputation and is constantly sought after as people’s builder of choice. Francisco is set to retire this year 2008 and his son Jorge will carry on the tradition of building fine luxury homes here in beautiful Toronto Canada and the GTA.

Jorge Vieira has 2 simple, yet extremely important goals as a premium quality home builder. To exceed his customers expectations by providing the best possible value for their new luxury home And to leave his customers in awe with the finest customer service available.

Jorge Vieira lives in Toronto with his wife Elisabete and their 2 daughters Rebecca and Alexandra.

” It is and will always be a great pleasure and honor to build a high quality luxury home for you. Your new home keys will be handed over to you with pride and joy just like I built the home for me and my family. Expect the best value and service which I personally guarantee to you and your family. Your satisfaction and good word drives my passion to build some of the finest premium built homes in Ontario. From my family to your family, I wish you the very best that life has to offer.”

“Es y siempre será un gran placer y el honor para construir un lujo de alta calidad en casa para usted. Sus nuevas llaves del hogar serán entregadas a usted con orgullo como yo construí el hogar para mí y para mi familia. Espere el mejor valor y el servicio que garantizo personalmente a usted y a su familia. Su satisfacción y la palabra buena manejan mi pasión para construir parte de la prima más fina hogares construidos en Ontario. De mi familia a su familia, yo le deseo el lo mejor que esa vida tiene que ofrezca”.

“è e sempre sarà un piacere e un honor grandi svilupparvi una sede di lusso di alta qualità per. Le vostre nuove chiavi domestiche saranno cosegnate a voi con orgoglio e gioia appena come ho sviluppato la sede per me e la mia famiglia. Preveda il valore ed il servizio migliore che garantisca personalmente a voi e la vostra famiglia. La vostre soddisfazione e buona parola guida la mia passione per sviluppare alcune delle sedi sviluppate premie più fini in Ontario. Dalla mia famiglia alla vostra famiglia, vi auguro il la cosa migliore che la vita deve offrire.”

“é e será sempre um prazer e uma honra grandes construir um repouso luxuoso da qualidade elevada para você. Suas teclas HOME novas ser-lhe-ão entregadas sobre com orgulho e alegria apenas como eu construí o repouso para mim e minha família. Espere o mais melhor valor e serviço que eu lhe garanto pessoalmente e sua família. Suas satisfação e palavra boa dirigem minha paixão para construir alguns dos repousos construídos superiores os mais finos em Ontário. De minha família a sua família, eu desejo-lhe o muito mais melhor que a vida tem que oferecer.”

Jorge Vieira, President

Jorge Vieira Presents 7 Fairweather Rd in Toronto, Ontario

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